Dance Program

What is the Dance Program?

In Spring 2020, we will partner with the Fort Wayne Dance Collective to bring our students an innovative program called Moving Mindset. In this program, students will analyze song lyrics and construct dance movements based on the emotions that the music stirs within. By utilizing critical and creative thinking, students will learn to express themselves verbally and through dance with the guidance of our expert instructors. Dancers will study the technical aspects of each movement and work to develop greater exibility, balance, coordination and strength. In May, our Dance Program will participate in our annual Artistic Program Recital.

The Dance Program will engage youth ages 6 to 19 and will provide a platform for youth to learn and perform the foundations and basics of mainstream, soulful styles of dance, including African, hip-hop, lyrical and praise, tap, and jazz dance.

What are the goals of the Dance Program?
● Decrease the risk of youth obesity and obesity-related disease by increasing health knowledge through nutrition and physical activity education and increasing physical activity levels through dance

● Increase the likelihood of positive life outcomes for youth by countering risk factors and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) through protective factors

● Increase youth engagement in performing arts and culture programs, which is shown by research to positively affect academic performance and achievement in school

What will the Dance Program do for youth?
● Youth will be exposed to positive peers and adults in a safe environment that empowers students to strive for excellence and practice our organizational principles of respect, discipline, confidence, and value for education

● Youth will be able to demonstrate their understanding of technical and artistic elements of soulful dance as well as their knowledge and familiarity with historically and culturally influential dancers of soulful styles

● Youth will have the opportunity to perform choreographed dance pieces at a showcase at the end of the course

When and where will the UNITY Youth Dance Program classes be offered?
The classes will be held weekly beginning February 11 and ending in May 2020. The UNITY Dance Program will be held at the UNITY Program & Training Center (PTC). Classes will be held in the Dance/Multi-Purpose Training Lab, a state-of-the-art space featuring two full walls of mirrors and ballet bars, an audio system, a projector, a projection screen, and a recording system that can record live dance rehearsals.

How can I get more information about the Dance Program and or get my youth involved?
If you are interested in getting your youth involved in the Dance Program, please CLICK HERE to fill out our online form. You can also email or call the UNITY office at 260-481-6719.

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