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2014 Praise Celebration

January 12, 2014 @ 8:00 am - December 10, 2014 @ 5:00 pm

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Message from Director

Greetings To All:

I am so proud of the progress Unity Performing Arts Foundation is making in the lives of young people in our community and aboard.  I am also thankful that we have inspired many singers and directors all over the world.  Just about every month this year, I have received requests from directors outside of our country, asking for our music arrangements.  That is exciting!

It is also a blessing to hear and read the comments from those who experienced Voices of Unity for the first time in June at the Alive Again Concert.   The level of collaboration for that concert showed that there is a great need for a performing arts platform like UNITY in our city.  As a result of many great talented people coming together, a great show was presented and the people in Fort Wayne responded positively.

After such a great high in June from the Alive Again concert, we experienced one of our greatest lows in July, when tragedy struck our UNITY family and Shawn Cobb was taken away from us.  This tragedy gripped us and left us all puzzled as to why something like this would happen to such a wonderful and giving family.  Even though Shawn has left us, God chose to spare Windy and Breydon, and for that we are all grateful.  We praise Him for the life of Shawn and the giving heart he had, and I truly hope that our students would seek to have the heart that Shawn Cobb exemplified.

We are excited for our students as we prepare for a new year of many great new opportunities.  They have been invited to participate in the Choirs of America 2014 American Music Performance Nationals in New York City at Carnegie Hall.  They will also be traveling to Riga, Latvia to the 2014 World Choir Games and there are many more performance opportunities coming in 2014.  I believe opportunities make room for possibilities and when young people are exposed to opportunities, it creates desire within their hearts to achieve something much bigger than them.

Your praises and shouts of excitement are appreciated, however, your tangible investments into these young lives will make a visible difference now and in the future.  This organization has proven to be an effective solution to the problems that plague our youth today.  Solutions, not quick fixes, produce results and results are the outward expressions of the effectiveness of a program, plan, or strategy.   We are very intentional in our efforts to produce quality young people who are successful at home, school, church, college, work and in their community. This focus continues to produce one success story after another and we are very thankful to see our students going forth into the world with purpose.

Parents, I extend to you an invitation to join this empowering environment and let us assist you in the development of your child.  Those of you who are looking for an opportunity to serve and share your gifts, knowledge, resources and experiences with our young people, I offer you an opportunity to join our Unity and Friends Service Team.

As we celebrate the gift of life tonight, remember to lift your hands, shout hallelujah, clap your hands, or just wave your hand from time to time as you take the evening in.  However you choose to respond, just remember to give God praise for your life and those whose lives He has allowed you to experience.   Together, let us have a Praise Celebration!

Happy New Year and Be Blessed

Marshall White, Director/Life Coach

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January 12, 2014 @ 8:00 am
December 10, 2014 @ 5:00 pm
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