Voices of Unity

Who Are We?

The World Champion Voices of Unity Youth Choir (VOUYC) is Unity Performing Arts Foundation’s acclaimed Youth Choral Program. It is our premier soulful choral group comprised of youth ages 7 to 19 from various backgrounds in the Fort Wayne community and beyond. The program’s goal is to equip, educate, and empower youth to excel in the world before them. It prepares them to be successful leaders who will give back to their society and make a difference in their college life, adult life, and in their professional careers.

What We Offer Youth:

  1. We provide an educational platform for students to learn, study and perform mainstream soulful music, such as blues, jazz, spirituals, gospel, R&B, pop, country, hip-hop, neo-soul & some rap. Students are inspired to learn the historical significance of mainstream soulful music and taught to perform each style in its authentic form.
  1. We provide short and long term group and private artistic training and coaching for vocal, solo, and stage development for all students who participate in the Youth Choral Program.
  1. Students are exposed to weekly life lessons to help enlighten, empower and educate them about life and how to be responsible, alert, effective, and successful in every area of their lives.
  1. We provide training in the areas of character, artistry, and leadership development that helps builds social and communication skills, confidence, discipline, self- esteem, respect for authority, focus and consistency.
  1. We develop relationships with our students, from the moment they join. They are exposed to a strong support system that assist in their overall development from early childhood up through their college years and well into their adult and professional life. They can also become mentors in the program after they turn 20 years old where they give back to our new students.
  1. The Voices of Unity members are exposed to life-changing opportunities to travel the world in concert tours and choral competitions, the experiences help to shape a global mindset, that can expand their view of the world around them. They also experience first-class professional productions, where they meet and sing with professional artists in the music industry and perform for high-profile events.

The Voices of Unity Youth Choir, Our Substance Based Training

Character Building Components:

The UNITY environment is intentional about establishing a value-based structure that guides our student’s attitude toward a respectful and professional behavior. Our students are held to a Standard of Excellence where they are inspired to practice at home, school, church and in their community.

Character building involves experiences that teach us important life lessons. These lessons include: keep your word, pay attention, respect authority and respect others, when you make mistakes own them and learn from them etc. Every attribute we develop in experiencing such life lessons influences the building of our character.

Our students are held to a standard of excellence. They are taught to:

  1. Communicate clearly and effectively.
  2. Address adults in a respectful manner.
  3. Respond properly when in conversation with others.
  4. Respect authority no matter who is in charge, adult or peer.
  5. Sit up and stay alert in order to capture and receive knowledge.
  6. Take responsibility for mistakes and not blame others. Make yourself accountable to someone you trust.
  7. Be trustworthy and be reliable.
  8. Take ownership of the choir, be proud to be a part of a winning team.
  9. Minimize poor behavior, as much as possible, and strive to practice good behavior at home, school, church and among peers.
  10. Embrace challenge. Look at difficult new challenges as achievable, and work hard to conquer them.
  11. Celebrate the accomplishments of others, work together, build valuable relationships with positive peers and support one another.
  12. Life skills through weekly life lessons, where they are inspired to take notes, reflect.

We utilize character-building material created by Marshall White and other prominent leaders in the community, such as Dr. Rudy Kachmann’s 20 Prescriptions for Living the Good Life.

Our students are required to learn, memorize and apply these materials to their lives.

The Twenty Prescriptions for Living the Good Life, Written By Dr. Rudy Kachmann

  1. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  2. Be honest, do not lie, cheat or steal – make your word your bond.
  3. Treat life with care; avoid risky behavior.
  4. Practice showing respect for authority; parents, teachers, police and government.
  5. Do not let physical or mental abuse go unnoticed.
  6. Read a book – regularly.
  7. Be tolerant of others’ beliefs.
  8. Express honor, love and respect for your family.
  9. Make a commitment to continue education throughout your life.
  10. Show respect for all life, human and animal.
  11. Avoid violence, practice non-violence, support peace.
  12. Celebrate our differences; sex, race, appearance, disabilities &background.
  13. Seek knowledge, wisdom good character and pursue excellence.
  14. Practice health control, exercise your mind and body.
  15. Do not abuse your body – avoid tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
  16. Help those who are suffering or in need.
  17. Avoid sex until you are married.
  18. Expect to make your own way in life.
  19. Practice charity and be willing to forgive yourself and others
  20. Respect the environment.

This is an opportunity for us to impact our community by producing adults that will one day lead the community and make decisions affecting our lives. We are very proud of the results we are experiencing from our substance based training. UNITY believes if we invest resources in developing a child now -we will not need to spend resources on incarcerating them in the future.

Youth Choral Program
Director/Life Coach


Training and Rehearsal Locations

Purdue University Fort Wayne, Rhinehart Music Center Room 122
2101 E. Coliseum Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46805
  • Saturdays from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM and Sundays from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Renaissance Pointe YMCA
2323 Bowser Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46803
  • Saturdays from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
UNITY Program & Training Center – Ivy Tech Coliseum Campus
3800 N Anthony Blvd. Fort Wayne, 46805, Door 27, CC1743

Call the office  (260) 481-6719, or e-mail us at info@upaf.com if you want to visit.

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