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A Special Message from our

Founder & CEO

It is a tremendous honor to be given the opportunity to lead young lives to the path of success, greatness and excellence before they become adults. I am at the front door of their young lives; there to empower…

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Latest Events

Next summer, we are going on a four country European tour - The Journey to the Vatican! Click Here to see our video.

The World Champion Voices of Unity Youth Choir (VOUYC) is UNITY’s acclaimed Youth Choral Program.

Creative and innovative concept that offers children exposure to various artistic disciplines and instruction.

Students will study various styles of writing and given literary foundations for effective expression.

Character and leadership training educates and empowers students as they prepare for adult and work life.

A Lesson in Life for
Young People

Opportunities produce possibilities which produce a will to live. Give our youth the opportunity to dream, to believe, and a will to live.


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