What is Zumbini?

Zumbini is the ultimate bonding experience for parents and toddlers. This is a research-based early childhood education program for children ages 0-4. The 45-minute class allows for parents and children to bond and learn through music, movement, rhythm, and dance.


• Decreases postpartum depression
• Develops toddlers emotionally
• Strengthens motor skills
• Decreases infant mortality
• Licensed instructor
• Elevates Mood


Cost: $17 per class. Full registration is due January 25 prior to the start of class (February 8), which includes 6 sessions.
This cost includes: Zumbini & Book, character doll, plus 6 weeks of classes.

  • Starts on February 8 (every Monday). Classes end March 15.
  • Class time is 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM.

Online Zumbini options available upon request.

Questions? Contact:

Betsy Edmonds, BSN, RN
Licensed Zumbini Instructor
(260) 215-3239

Zumbini with Betsy was so much fun. It was a great opportunity for my daughter to have fun with other kids and her parents. I saw a huge growth in her in the few short weeks of the class. She started out hardly participating, now she asks to sing the songs at home. I highly recommend this class for anyone and everyone! – Erica L

My daughter Caleigh and I absolutely loved our time together in Zumbini and looked forward to it every week! Betsy was such a fun and engaging instructor that Caleigh still finds Zumbini songs on her tablet for us to sing and dance to!!

– Carlie S

Zumbini to me literally was like Zumba for children with all the running around we did but it was so much more. The children were able to run around, play with instruments, learn new songs that talked about animals, emotions, eating, and their body parts. It was fun and informative at the same time and my son loved the scarves.

– Anonymous

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